ZoneAlarm Free 8.0.298

Antivirus / Firewall Security Tools

ZoneAlarmZoneAlarm is probably the most well-known of firewalls, partly because it’s free for personal use, but also because it’s effective and very simple to use. This latest version now works with Windows Vista. The download is a small utility that is used to select the correct version of ZoneAlarm for with Vista or Windows XP and 2000.

Its main appeal stems from the fact that you can install it and forget about it, yet be securely protected from outside intrusions or attacks.

Wizards make the installation as painless as possible, and ZoneAlarm will remember your preferences once specified.

When in Stealth Mode, ZoneAlarm renders your PC invisible on the internet, increasing your security and privacy.

This is the latest ZoneAlarm 8 Free which will offer you basic firewall protection.

Note that this is the basic and free version. It will download to your computer as a ’stub’ and ask you if you want to install the the Free version or the Trial version of the ZoneAlarm Security Suite.


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