XProbe2 v0.3 Released


Xprobe2 is an active os fingerprinting tool with a different approach to operating system fingerprinting. Xprobe2 rely on fuzzy signature matching, probabilistic guesses, multiple matches simultaneously, and a signature database.

Xprobe2 includes :
* A TCP fingerprinting module (among the other fingerprinting modules the tool uses)
* A Port Scanner
* An automatic receive timeout for Xprobe2’s different modules
* The ability to completely control the tool’s operation
* A newly built signature database with over 160 signatures
* And other enhancements and fixes

Xprobe2 v0.3 introduces two new application level modules: SMB and SNMP.
SMB module retrieve Native OS and Native LANMAN parameters from SMB Session Setup and X reply.
SNMP sends a version 2c get request for the sysDescr.0 OID using community strings specified in xprobe2.con

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