VideoJak – Hijacking VoIP Video Calls

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What is VideoJak?
VideoJak is an IP Video security assessment tool that can simulate a proof of concept DoS against a targeted, user-selected video session and IP video phone. VideoJak is the first of its kind security tool that analyzes video codec standards such as H.264. VideoJak works by first capturing the RTP port used in a video conversation and analyzing the RTP packets, collecting the RTP sequence numbers and timestamp values used between the phones. Then VideoJak creates a custom video payload by changing the sequence numbers and timestamp values used in the original RTP packets between the two phones. After the user selects a targeted phone to attack in an ongoing video session, VideoJak delivers the payload over the learned RTP port against the target. This attack results in severely degraded video and audio quality.

Features :
* VLAN Discovery (CDP) and VLAN Hop
* Call pattern tracking for SIP and SCCP signaling protocols
* Audio codec (G.711u, G.722) and Video codec (H.263, H.264) support
* Creates custom payload from H.263/H.264 packet capture
* MitM functions and host management
* Allows user to select ongoing video call from a menu
* Allows user to select a targeted IP Phone for DoS within the video session
* Enables the user to send the attack during an active, ongoing video call

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