The World’s First Optical Firewall

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According to ICT Results, researchers for a EU-funded project named WISDOM are developing an optical firewall which aims to clear Internet security bottlenecks.

WISDOM is an acronym for ‘Wirespeed security domains using optical monitoring.’ The project started in June 2006 and should be completed in May 2009 for a total cost of €1.91 million.

This optical firewall should be able to analyze data on fiber optic networks at speeds of 40 gigabits per second.
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Optical Firewall

You can see above an optical firewall block diagram which shows the elements to be developed within the optical module of the firewall and the interfaces to the Security Application Programming Interface.” (Credit: WISDOM project)

You’ll find more information on the WISDOM Project website. “These photonic firewalls will operate using novel algorithms and protocols, to extract and process wirespeed security information in high capacity multichannel (Tb/s) networks.

The algorithms will combine the functionality of optical processing with secondary electronic security approaches to introduce new layers of security analysis.

Optical processing circuits developed under WISDOM have shown that it is possible to carry out high speed optical pattern matching on data running at 40Gbits/s for target patterns up to 256 bits using only three logic gates.”

Source: ZDNet

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