SC-KeLog Pro

SC-KeLog Pro. [Monitor Remote and Local Computer in Stealth]


SC-KeyLog PRO is a powerful digital surveillance monitor that logs computer activity for later review. Allows you to secretly record computer user activities such as e-mails, chat conversations, visited web sites, clipboard usage and more in a protected logfile. SC-KeyLog PRO even captures Windows user logon passwords!

Information is captured completely hidden from the user and you even do not need physical access to the computer to be able to record and view its usage. This program allows you to remotely install the monitoring system through an email attachment without the user recognizing the installation at all.

Features :
* Extensive logging
* Remote installation support
* Password protection
* Easy to use built-in logfile viewer
* Incredibly small deployment package, only 100 Kb
* Sends logfiles by e-mail
* E-mails are sent invisible
* Monitors all users, including Remote Desktop users, VNC clients and others
* Automatic startup
* Custom alert messages
* Bypasses local firewalls
* Export logfiles to HTML files
* Automatic uninstallation

What is recorded?
SC-KeyLog PRO records everything you want to know, including:
* All websites visited
* All chat messages typed
* All e-mails typed
* All passwords used
* All applications
* All keystrokes
* Text copied to clipboard
* All mouse clicks
* And much more!

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