Sam Spade – Network Query/Investigation Tool

Sam Spade is one of the oldest network security tools around in terms of a neat package containing a lot of stuff you need.

It has all kinds of useful tools in a neat graphical interface, a lot of them are available on the command line in Windows – but they aren’t so easy to use. It’s extremely useful for tracking spam or ‘UCE’ as it’s known (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail).


Some of the features included are:
* Ping
* NSlookup
* Whois
* IP block search
* Dig
* Traceroute
* Finger
* Web browser keep-alive
* DNS zone transfer
* SMTP relay check
* Usenet cancel check
* Website download
* Website search
* Email header analysis
* Email blacklist
* Query Abuse address

Download :

More Info :,289483,sid14_gci901093,00.html

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