PyKeylogger – Simple Python Keylogger


PyKeylogger is a free open source keylogger written in the python programming language.
It is currently available for Windows (NT/2000 and up), and Linux (using Xlib, so won’t work on the console).
It is primarily designed for personal backup purposes, rather than stealth keylogging. Thus, it does not make explicit attempts to hide its presence from the operating system or the user.

Features :
* Log all keystrokes to disk, to a delimited data file
* Automatically archive logfiles to dated zips
* Automatic log rotation
* Automatically send zipped log archives to specified email address[es] (works with any SMTP server, including GMail and Yahoo Mail secure SMTP servers)
* Takes a partial screenshot, centered at the location of every mouse click.
* Automatically flush write buffer to disk, to minimize data loss in the event of a crash
* Very customizable, through configuration with a .ini text file
* GUI (graphical) control panel for settings and actions (this is now the recommended way to change settings)
* Password protection of control panel
* Passwords are obfuscated in the configuration file, to prevent casual snooping
* Automatically delete log files older than specified age

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