Pro ATM Hacker ‘Chao’ Gives Out ATM Hacking Tips

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A bank-machine hacker who reportedly was arrested earlier this month in Turkey gave would-be fraudsters tips on how to install rogue card-reading devices, including advising them to target drive-through ATMs (automated teller machines) and avoid towns with fewer than 15,000 residents.
The hacker, who went by the handle “Chao,” reportedly was arrested earlier this month in Turkey.

He was one of the most well-known ATM hackers in the world, according to Uri Rivner, head of new technologies for RSA Consumer Solutions.
Chao sold fake faceplates that fraudsters could attach to the card slots in ATMs.

These “skimmer” devices can read the magnetic stripe of every customer’s ATM or credit card, and are often used in conjunction with a hidden camera that watches people enter their PINs (personal identification numbers), Rivner said.
Alternatively, criminals can attach an extra keypad on top of the one in the machine and capture the PIN that way, he added.

Source: NetworkWorld

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