Phishing Attacks Hits Twitter Users – Utilising Direct Messages

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There has been a phishing scheme running around on Twitter this weekend.
But, so far, it’s a relatively easy one to avoid becoming a victim of.
Here are some tips on the phishing mess.

First, it is okay to check your DMs on Twitter.
You don’t need to be afraid to check them. But, be careful about any links in messages from others, even if you know them.
You won’t be affected by the scam just by reading your DMs.

For people using OpenDNS or Firefox 3, it appears that both of those are now blocking the phishing site. But, still be careful out there.

The short of it is that you should be careful, but don’t become irrational over the phishing attack.

Here are the known URLs of the phishing attack:

Source : dcr Blogs

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