Nmap 5.00 Released

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Insecure.Org announced the immediate, free availability of the Nmap Security Scanner version 5.00. This is the first stable release since 4.76 (last September), and the first major release since the 4.50 release in 2007. Dozens of development releases led up to this. Considering nearly 600 significant changes, this is the most important Nmap release since 1997.

The release notes provide the top 5 improvements in Nmap 5 as well as example runs and screen shots. The change details section includes improvements to the Nmap Scripting Engine, Zenmap GUI and Results Viewer, the new Ncat tool, the new Ndiff scan comparison tool, performance improvements, the new Nmap book, and much more!

1) Classic Command-Line Nmap
Nmap5 Classic

2) Zenmap’s new network topology graphing mode
Nmap 5

Download: http://nmap.org/download.html

Release Notes: http://nmap.org/5/

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