NASA and Pentagon Hacker – TinKode Arrested in Romania

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Hacker TinKodeRomanian police have arrested a man believed to be TinKode, the notorious hacker responsible for several daring, high-profile cyberattacks, including last year’s breach of NASA’s servers, Royal Navy, The European Space Agency and The 20-year-old man, named as Razvan Manole Cernaianu, allegedly attacked Pentagon and NASA computer systems, revealed security holes, and published information about SQL injection vulnerabilities he had discovered, the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorist (DIICOT) said in a press release.

He also posted a video on his blog demonstrating an attack he carried out against the U.S. government, and created and offered for sale a computer program used to hack Web sites. Through his exploits, Cernaianu blocked access to systems and seriously disabled their proper functioning, authorities said.

Currently, Cern─âianu is being taken to Bucharest for questioning and he is charged with breaching a computing system without authorization, unauthorized transfer of data from a computing system, and the disruption of a computing system. Romanian authorities said the FBI and NASA took part in the investigation.