LulzSec hackers threaten to release data of 200,000 Brink users

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LulzSec HackersThe ultra-busy LulzSec hacking group claims it now has the personal data of over 200,000 users of the game Brink. “Bethesda, we broke into your site over two months ago. We’ve had all of your Brink users for weeks,” the group wrote on Twitter. “Please fix your junk, thanks!”

The big news may be that over 200,000 people played Brink.

“We’re going to release lots of Bethesda/ZeniMax data today—however we might not release their 200,000+ users as we love Call of Cthulhu,” another Twitter message from the group stated. Then the group began the threats. “Bethesda, give everyone more info on Skyrim and we’ll keep the user database to ourselves. However we are going to embarrass you anyway,” the group wrote. They then asked for a LulzSec top hat to be added to Skyrim.

The group has been busy of late, targeting Sony, PBS, and Nintendo. As in the case of the Nintendo hack, the group seems to have targeted a company it has at least some respect for, making the threats seem all the more surreal. Luckily, unless Bethesda has access to Steam records for some reason, it’s unlikely there is much information to be plundered from these records. That said, it’s a good reminder of the dangers of using same password in multiple places.

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