List of 5534 Hacked eBay Accounts Discovered

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Christopher Boyd, Director of FaceTime Security Labs, a malware research firm, has found a list of hacked eBay logins.
The list includes 121 pages and carries 5,534 eBay accounts, including usernames, passwords and mail address, as reported by ecommerceguide on October 15, 2008.

As per reports, some of the stolen accounts were inactive, but also included active accounts.
There number was more than enough to caution eBay members that they should protect their account.

Also, the list of stolen account is probably the outcome of phishing scams targeted at eBay, wherein attackers send fake mails claiming to come from eBay to deceive users into revealing their private details.

The report also informs that many accounts are of recently registered users or users having small feedback scores as these users do not access eBay often.
This makes them the most promising targets for hackers.

Source : SpamFighter

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