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FindDomains is a multithreaded search engine discovery tool that will be very useful for penetration testers dealing with discovering domain names/web sites/virtual hosts which are located on too many IP addresses. Provides a console interface so you can easily integrate this tool to your pentest automation system.

It retrieves domain names/web sites which are located on specified ip address/hostname.

This tool is prepared by starting with Bing API 2.0 code sample.

In order to use FindDomains :

  • Create an appid from “Bing Developers”, this link.
  • It’ll be like that : 32AFB589D1C8B4FEC73D4BCB6EA0AD810E0FA2C7
  • When you have registered an appid, enter it to the “appid.txt” which is on program directory.

Some outlines :

  • Uses Bing search engine. Works with first 1000 records.
  • Multithreaded on crawling and DNS resolution.
  • Performs DNS resolution for extracted domains to eleminate cached/old records.
  • Has a console interface so it can be very useful with some command-line foo.
  • Works with Mono. But running under Windows is more efficient.

Sample usage :

1) FindDomains.exe
2) FindDomains.exe


Requirements :
1) NET Framework 3.5. Also working with Mono.

Download: FindDomainsv0.1.1.rar

More Info: FindDomains Project Home

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