Dyne’s Hackers List v1.10

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My little tribute to the “heroes of the computer revolution”, as Steven Levy would put it.
by dyne / zed.m6.net – last modified: jan 28, 2009

The list is presented in chronological order, except for those entries where the date of birth is unknown. It includes academic hackers working on early minicomputers, prominent hackers from the open source software movement, the computer underground/hacker scene, and security experts.

It includes the most famous hackers, Groups and is provided for historical reference.
Black Hats, Phreakers, & Other Tales From The Dark Side.

This is a very complete list, probably the most complete one I’ve seen and it includes pictures – pictures of people who rarely have their pictures taken or allow them out on the Internet.

Take a look…!

Dyne’s Hackers List v1.10

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