DroidSheep – Android Application for Session Hijacking

Privacy Attacks

DroidSheep – One-click session hijacking using your android smartphone or tablet computer.


DroidSheep makes it easy to use for everybody. Just start DroidSheep, click the START button and wait until someone uses one of the supported websites. Jumping on his session simply needs one more click. That’s it.

What do you need to run DroidSheep?
– You need an android-powered device, running at least version 2.1 of Android
– You need Root-Access on your phone (link)
– You need DroidSheep

Which websites does DroidSheep support?
– amazon.de
– facebook.com
– flickr.com
– twitter.com
– linkedin.com
– yahoo.com
– live.com
– google.de (only the non-encrypted services like “maps”)

Download: droidsheep-current.apk