DIY Botnet Kit Spotted in the Wild

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Security researchers from GData, have spotted a DIY (do it yourself) botnet kit, available for sale at selected underground communities.

Aldi Bot Builder

1 x Builder + stub + updates + installation assistance = €10 ***
This price even dropped down to €5, less than two weeks ago.

The main functions of “Aldi Bot” v1.0 are:
– Possibility to carry out DDoS attacks
– SOCKS; bot owner can use victim’s pc as proxy
– Firefox password stealer; stealing passwords saved in Firefox database
– Remote execution of any file

An update to v2.0 added the following functions to the ones already in use:
– Pidgin password stealer; stealing passwords from the instant messenger Pidgin
– jDownloader password stealer; stealing passwords from a downloader of one-click hoster

The author prides himself with a video, hosted on Youtube, which apparently shows an “Aldi Bot” DDoS attack against the website of the German Federal Police (