Digital Keylogger v3.3

Name: Digital Keylogger
Version: 3.3
Author: Nytro
Released: 1 Februarie 2009
Powered by: Romanian Security Team

Same as Digital Keylogger v3.2 with a few bug fixex, and pretyy UD. Nod32, updated, doesn’t find it. And I think Norton, Avira ( if not packed with UPX ), AVG and Kaspersky too.

Server size:
– packed: 36.0 KB
– unpacked: 112 KB

digital keylogger

– Hidden from Task Manager
– Close Windows Firewall
– Get keylog automaticaly
– Gey keylog manual
– Reverse connection
– Close Y! Messenger to steal password
– Bla bla…

Download :

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