“Chat-in-the-Middle” Phishing Attack via Bogus Live-Chat Support

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A new, unique type of phishing attack targeted against online banking customers was recently discovered by the RSA FraudAction Research Lab. RSA has coined this as a “Chat-in-the-Middle” phishing attack and it is first executed through routine means but then presents a more advanced layer of perpetrating online fraud. The phishing attack may dupe bank customers into entering their usernames and passwords into an ordinary phishing site but the addition of a bogus live chat support window can obtain even more credentials via a live chat session initiated by fraudsters.

During the live chat session, the fraudster behind the attack presents himself as a representative of the bank’s fraud department and attempts to dupe customers who are online into divulging sensitive information – such as answers to secret questions that are used for online customer authentication. This attack is currently targeting a single U.S.-based financial institution.

Upon detecting the attack RSA immediately informed the affected financial institution and commenced a standard phishing attack shut-down procedure through the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center and its RSA FraudAction service. (RSA cannot identify this bank in order to protect its security and privacy.) The attack is hosted on a well-known fast flux network for “hire” from fraudster to fraudster, which hosts a wealth of malicious websites such as phishing attacks, Trojans infection points, mule recruitment websites, and more.

Source: RSA FraudAction Research Lab

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