Joomscan – Joomla Security Scanner Updated to 611 Vulnerabilities Database

Joomscan, Joomla Security Scanner is now updated to 611 vulnerabilities database. In Joomscan you can check for new updates with command: ./ check or ./ update Overview: Joomla! is probably the most widely-used CMS out there due to its flexibility, user-friendlinesss, extensibility to name a few. So, watching its vulnerabilities and adding such vulnerabilities as […]

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PwnPhone – Pentesting Suite for Nokia N900

The Pwnie Express’ PwnPhone is a full Pentesting suite for the Nokia N900. It Includes Aircrack, Metasploit, Kismet, GrimWEPa, SET, Fasttrack, Ettercap, Nmap, and more… Custom pentesting screen with shortcuts to macchanger, injection on/off, etc. Built-in wireless card supports packet injection, monitor mode, and promiscuous mode. Download: – pwnphone_image-7.6.2011.tar.gz – pwnphonemanual.pdf

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