Fully Automated MySQL 5 Boolean Enumeration Script

This script uses blind SQL injection and boolean enumeration to perform INFORMATION_SCHEMA Mapping. Syntax: perl mysql5enum.pl -h [hostname] -u [url] [-q [query]] Example: perl mysql5enum.pl -h www.target.tld -u http://www.target.tld/vuln.ext?input=24 -q “select system_user()” Description: – By default, this script will first determine username, version and database name before enumerating the information_schema information. – When the -q […]

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Groupon Leaks Entire Indian User Database

The entire user database of Groupon’s Indian subsidiary Sosasta.com was accidentally published to the Internet and indexed by Google. The database includes the e-mail addresses and clear-text passwords of the site’s 300,000 users. It was discovered by Australian security consultant Daniel Grzelak as he searched for publicly accessible databases containing e-mail address and password pairs. […]

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