Advanced keylogger

Advanced Keylogger

Obtain total control over your PC with absolutely invisible Advanced Keylogger, you will be able to check upon your computer usage when you are away.
There is no way to find whether there is a keystroke monitor running, as Advanced Keylogger works in a stealth mode, is absolutely invisible, doesn’t show in Windows Task Manager and randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC.

Features :
* Absolutely invisible keylogger
* Captures passwords and logins (even Winlogon passwords)
* Keeps track of all keystrokes – logs everything typed in any application
* Records Internet activity
* Keeps visual screen statistics in screenshots
* Monitors instant messaging software – records everything typed on the keyboard
* Monitors text copied and cut to the clipboard
* Randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC
* Automatically uninstalls itself within time if you wish
* Sends reports secretly to your E-mail
* Works on Windows Vista

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