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Oct 27 2008

TeraBIT Virus Maker 2.8 SE

TeraBIT Virus Maker 2.8 SE

Terabit Virusmaker

by m_reza00
Written in Visual Basic
Released in September 2007
Made in Iran

dropped files:
Size: 16,950 bytes

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon “Shell”
Old data: Explorer.exe
New data: explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\csmm.exe

Tested on Windows XP
September 19, 2007

Download :

Oct 15 2008

Virus Maker Professional 2008

Virus Maker

Virus Maker Professional 2008
Scanned By Kaspersky Internet Security 325, Nothing Found

Just Use it with all ur Own Risk to produce any Malicious/virus/Trojans/Spyware

All Info inside rar

Download :…k_Man_2009.rar

Password : LoloUOwnRisk

Oct 11 2008

International Space Station Infected By Virus

NASA confirmed this week that a computer on the International Space Station is infected with a virus.

The malicious software is called W32.TGammima.AG, and technically it’s a worm.

The interesting point, other than how NASA could let this happen, is the way the worm spreads–on USB flash drives.
Malicious software spread by USB flash drives and other removable media takes advantage of a questionable design decision by Microsoft.
Windows is very happy to run a program automatically when a USB flash drive is inserted into a PC.
How convenient, both for end users and for bad guys.

Source : CNET