Nov 19 2008

Disable Error Report In Windows

windows error

Microsoft’s Error Reporting in windows sometimes is disturbing, most of us don’t want to send that error report because it’s of no use.
There’s an easy way to disable Microsoft error report in windows.

Disable Microsoft Error report in Windows XP :
1) Open Control Panel (Start > Control Panel)
2) Open the Problem Reports & Solutions applet Under advanced options and disable error reporting.

Disable Microsoft Error report in Windows Vista :
1) Right click on my computer (Desktop) and click properties
2) Click the Advanced Tab
3) You’ll see a “Error reporting” button at the bottom, click it
4) Select Disable Error Reporting.

And you’re done….!

Nov 18 2008

Turkojan 4

Turkojan 4

Features :
* Reverse Connection
* Remote Desktop(very fast)
* Webcam Streaming(very fast)
* Audio Streaming
* Thumbnail viewer
* Remote passwords
* MSN Sniffer
* Remote Shell
* Web-Site Blocking
* Chat with server
* Send fake messages
* Advanced file manager
* Zipping files&folders
* Find files
* Change remote screen resolution
* Mouse manager
* Information about remote computer
* Clipboard manager
* IE options
* Running Process
* Service Manager
* Keyboard Manager
* Online keylogger
* Offline keylogger
* Fun Menu
* Registry manager
* Invisible in Searching Files/Regedit/Msconfig
* Small Server 100kb

Download :

Nov 17 2008

Dead Room By Satma

Dead Room

Multi login booter up to 200 , With delay features , For each boot option on this booter has been tested randomly and it works , Anything else the pic says it all.

Download :

Nov 17 2008

EX Silent DC V9.0

EX Silent DC

This will auto refresh your bot after every boot.
You should be able to get anywhere from 5-15 effective dc’s before it stops working.
When it does, just use another bot. You can boot a single person as much as you want as long as you rotate bots.
Will auto save your bot id, bot password, and victim id on exit.

Download :

Nov 16 2008

Advanced keylogger

Advanced Keylogger

Obtain total control over your PC with absolutely invisible Advanced Keylogger, you will be able to check upon your computer usage when you are away.
There is no way to find whether there is a keystroke monitor running, as Advanced Keylogger works in a stealth mode, is absolutely invisible, doesn’t show in Windows Task Manager and randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC.

Features :
* Absolutely invisible keylogger
* Captures passwords and logins (even Winlogon passwords)
* Keeps track of all keystrokes – logs everything typed in any application
* Records Internet activity
* Keeps visual screen statistics in screenshots
* Monitors instant messaging software – records everything typed on the keyboard
* Monitors text copied and cut to the clipboard
* Randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC
* Automatically uninstalls itself within time if you wish
* Sends reports secretly to your E-mail
* Works on Windows Vista

Download :