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Feb 16 2009

Wireless Keylogger

Wireless Keylogger

The WIRELESS KEYLOGGER is a tiny plug-in device that records every keystroke typed on any PC.
It can then be accessed wirelessly to obtain the recorded data.
The WIRELESS KEYLOGGER combines the stealth aspect of a hardware keylogger and the remote monitoring ability of a software keylogger into one great device.
It cannot be detected by any kind of software!

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Feb 15 2009

Digital Keylogger v3.3

Name: Digital Keylogger
Version: 3.3
Author: Nytro
Released: 1 Februarie 2009
Powered by: Romanian Security Team

Same as Digital Keylogger v3.2 with a few bug fixex, and pretyy UD. Nod32, updated, doesn’t find it. And I think Norton, Avira ( if not packed with UPX ), AVG and Kaspersky too.

Server size:
- packed: 36.0 KB
- unpacked: 112 KB

digital keylogger

- Hidden from Task Manager
- Close Windows Firewall
- Get keylog automaticaly
- Gey keylog manual
- Reverse connection
- Close Y! Messenger to steal password
- Bla bla…

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Dec 03 2008

SC-KeLog Pro

SC-KeLog Pro. [Monitor Remote and Local Computer in Stealth]


SC-KeyLog PRO is a powerful digital surveillance monitor that logs computer activity for later review. Allows you to secretly record computer user activities such as e-mails, chat conversations, visited web sites, clipboard usage and more in a protected logfile. SC-KeyLog PRO even captures Windows user logon passwords!

Information is captured completely hidden from the user and you even do not need physical access to the computer to be able to record and view its usage. This program allows you to remotely install the monitoring system through an email attachment without the user recognizing the installation at all.

Features :
* Extensive logging
* Remote installation support
* Password protection
* Easy to use built-in logfile viewer
* Incredibly small deployment package, only 100 Kb
* Sends logfiles by e-mail
* E-mails are sent invisible
* Monitors all users, including Remote Desktop users, VNC clients and others
* Automatic startup
* Custom alert messages
* Bypasses local firewalls
* Export logfiles to HTML files
* Automatic uninstallation

What is recorded?
SC-KeyLog PRO records everything you want to know, including:
* All websites visited
* All chat messages typed
* All e-mails typed
* All passwords used
* All applications
* All keystrokes
* Text copied to clipboard
* All mouse clicks
* And much more!

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Nov 24 2008

PyKeylogger – Simple Python Keylogger


PyKeylogger is a free open source keylogger written in the python programming language.
It is currently available for Windows (NT/2000 and up), and Linux (using Xlib, so won’t work on the console).
It is primarily designed for personal backup purposes, rather than stealth keylogging. Thus, it does not make explicit attempts to hide its presence from the operating system or the user.

Features :
* Log all keystrokes to disk, to a delimited data file
* Automatically archive logfiles to dated zips
* Automatic log rotation
* Automatically send zipped log archives to specified email address[es] (works with any SMTP server, including GMail and Yahoo Mail secure SMTP servers)
* Takes a partial screenshot, centered at the location of every mouse click.
* Automatically flush write buffer to disk, to minimize data loss in the event of a crash
* Very customizable, through configuration with a .ini text file
* GUI (graphical) control panel for settings and actions (this is now the recommended way to change settings)
* Password protection of control panel
* Passwords are obfuscated in the configuration file, to prevent casual snooping
* Automatically delete log files older than specified age

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Nov 16 2008

Advanced keylogger

Advanced Keylogger

Obtain total control over your PC with absolutely invisible Advanced Keylogger, you will be able to check upon your computer usage when you are away.
There is no way to find whether there is a keystroke monitor running, as Advanced Keylogger works in a stealth mode, is absolutely invisible, doesn’t show in Windows Task Manager and randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC.

Features :
* Absolutely invisible keylogger
* Captures passwords and logins (even Winlogon passwords)
* Keeps track of all keystrokes – logs everything typed in any application
* Records Internet activity
* Keeps visual screen statistics in screenshots
* Monitors instant messaging software – records everything typed on the keyboard
* Monitors text copied and cut to the clipboard
* Randomizes its own file names to be totally undetected in any PC
* Automatically uninstalls itself within time if you wish
* Sends reports secretly to your E-mail
* Works on Windows Vista

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